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Guarantees & Replacement Scheme

Guarantees & Replacement Scheme

All specialist damp-proofing and timber decay treatment works carried out by Damp Aid North Wales are covered by a long term guarantee. This is a guarantee for the property, and if the house /flat is sold then the benefit of the guarantee is automatically transferred to the new owner.

The National Association of Estate Agents, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the majority of banks, building societies and mortgage lending institutions advise that when looking for a specialist damp-proofing & timber treatment company to carry out a timber and damp survey, you should make sure it is a member of the Property Care Association (formerly British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association – BWPDA).

Damp Aid (North Wales) (Est. 1986) are one of the few specialist damp-proofing and timber treatment companies based on the North Wales coast, who are members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and BWPDA.

Insurance Backed Damp-proofing & Timber Treatment Guarantees

As members of the Property Care Association / BWPDA, we are able to offer insurance backed guarantees issued by the Guarantee Protection Insurance (G.P.I.). The G.P.I. is regulated by the F.S.A. and offer the only real insured guarantee to cover any dampness (damp-proofing) or timber decay treatments.

The G.P.I. guarantees provide cover if a problem develops with the remedial work undertaken and the company responsible is no longer trading. The G.P.I. will allow another fully qualified contractor to remedy the work without further charge.  Further details in respect of Guarantee Protection Insurance can be found at www.gptprotection.co.uk.

Quite simply, by having one of these guarantees, should we go out of business and a fault with dampness or timber decay develops then you are still covered. These are the only worthwhile rising damp,woodworm, & dry rot insured guarantees available and most of the other “insured” guarantees offered by some builders and non-PCA member companies are hardly worth the paper that they are printed on.

Guarantee Replacement Scheme

Our guarantee replacement scheme is specifically designed to help property owners who find that a company (or builder), who previously issued a non-insured guarantee for work on their property, is no longer in business and they find their guarantee for a chemical damp-proof course & woodworm treatment is worthless.

The Damp Aid North Wales Guarantee Replacement scheme can help individuals, who are selling their homes, to have the appropriate damp-proofing and/or timber treatment guarantees for their Home Report which can be critical to the successful sale of a property.

It is designed to cover damp-proofing and timber treatment remedial works that have taken place within your property and to offer peace of mind through a valid guarantee demonstrating that the previous remedial treatments undertaken at your property have been carried out to a high standard, thus avoiding further disruption of unnecessary damp-proofing or timber treatment work just to obtain a new guarantee.

Specialist works covered under the Guarantee Replacement Scheme:

Works covered under our guarantee replacement scheme include: Damp Proofing, Woodworm Treatment, Dry Rot Control, Wet Rot, Rising Dampness

Following an inspection by one of our damp and timber surveyors, and if we are satisfied with the standard of workmanship, for a fee, we will provide a DampAid 10 year ‘property guarantee replacement certificate’ for the work which can then be passed on to any potential purchaser.  It is a simple solution to avoid unnecessary and potentially off putting answers on your Home Report Questionnaire which is required for prospective buyers.

Why use our Guarantee Replacement Scheme?

When the Home Report asks (Q13 & 14) if you have had dry rot works carried out to your property and you answer “Yes”, you will need to provide a valid guarantee.  However, if the guarantee has been lost or the damp & timber treatment remedial company is no longer trading, your lack of a guarantee could potentially be a serious obstacle for your potential purchasers or their advisors.  Using our guarantee replacement scheme, we can resolve the issue and offer you a stress free solution to an already stressful selling process.

 Additional works under the Guarantee Replacement Scheme

If during our guarantee replacement scheme survey, we notice the standard of work we are inspecting requires some “topping up” to meet DampAid North Wales’ high standards, this work will be assessed and priced competitively and when carried out will be subject to the Damp Aid North Wales full 20 Year damp proofing, woodworm treatment or timber decay guarantee.

Contact Damp Aid North Wales about our Guarantee Replacement Scheme

To find out more information about our guarantee replacement scheme, call Damp Aid North Wales today on 01492 535305.  Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we will arrange for one of our damp & timber specialists surveyors to call you back.