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Damp Aid North Wales – Services

Damp & Timber Treatment Specialist Surveyors, Providing Correct Diagnosis and Control of Rising Dampness, Woodworm & Dry Rot Timber Decay.

Damp-proofing and timber treatment specialists in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral

Damp Aid North Wales have been established for 30 years and re-located their head office to Colwyn Bay, Conwy in 1994.  We are one of a few specialist damp-proofing and timber treatment companies on the North Wales coast who are members of the Property Care Association(PCA), the British Wood Preserving and Damp-Proofing Association (BWPDA) and are Trust mark approved contractors.

We undertake damp-proofing and timber treatment throughout the North Wales & Chester region for homeowners, builders and developers, landlords and Housing Associations and, as well as undertaking damp-proofing and timber treatment works.  As part of our independent services, we also offer expert advice and damp & timber surveys on all aspects of dampness & timber decay.

If you have any concerns regarding dampness, timber infestation or timber decay and need professional advise please call us on 01492 535305 where a friendly & knowledgeable member of our team is waiting to take your call.  We can give free advice regarding any form of dampness or timber decay problems over the phone and if required will arrange an inspection and submit a quotation for any remedial work that may be required.

Our surveyors are based throughout the North Wales & Chester region and have an intimate knowledge of properties, the type of construction used and the problems that these houses may encounter with dampness or timber decay. Our skilled tradesmen are locally born and bred and being familiar with property types across the North Wales region, can give on site advice about dampness and the correct way of addressing damp walls and timber decay problems.

Dampness in buildings is quite a common occurrence and can cause much distress for many homeowners.  All too often house owners are given wrong, unqualified advise by some builders and contractors informing them that their property is suffering from rising damp and that damp-proofing works are required.  However dampness may be from other sources such as penetrating damp from roof or gutter leaks, condensation or lateral damp ingress from high ground levels. Our surveyors are able to correctly diagnose what the cause of the problem is and offer cost effective solutions to alleviate any rising damp, condensation and penetrating dampness.

If the work goes beyond our original remit  we can undertake various other building repairs to prevent moisture ingress into your house such as roofing, guttering and external rendering.

For homebuyers and sellers -We have working relationships with all Estate Agents throughout the North Wales region and pre-purchase damp and timbers surveys can be arranged either directly through or us or any of the Estate or Letting Agents in Colwyn Bay, Rhos on Sea, Llandudno, Conwy, Prestatyn, Bangor, Chester, Anglesey, Wrexham, Caernarfon, Porthmaddoc, St Asaph, Mold to name but a few. There is usually a fee for pre-purchase surveys required for Banks or Building Societies but this can be offset against the cost of work that we quote for, but often no damp-proofing or timber treatments are required and we can save our clients hundreds if not thousands of pounds by avoiding unnecessary remedial treatments. Any damp-proofing or timber treatment works that may be required come with a 10 year insured guarantee issued through Guarantee Protection Trust (which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority).  Banks and Building Societies & Equity release mortgage loan providers, such as Aviva, Santander & the Principality, will often insist on these premium insured guarantees which are only available to members of the BWPDA / Property Care Association.  We are pleased to inform you that DampAid North Wales is a damp-proofing and timber treatment company who is a member of the BWPDA and Property Care Association (PCA) offering GPI insurance guarantees.

* Wood Boring Insect Beetle (WOODWORM) Survey *Flooring Joists / Beams, Staircase Woodworm Surveys
* Timber Decay Experts Wood Rot, Beetle Survey       * Surveys for Rental & Property Management agent
* Condensation Surveys & Black Mould Control.          * Damp & Dry Rot Survey for building Companies
* Damp-Proof Course Surveys & Investigations.      * PCA Damp-Proof Course for Mortgage Loan Companies
* Damp proofing & Control, Surveys & Reports       * Specialist Damp Timber Property Surveys & Reports.
* Pre-purchase Damp and Timber Surveys & Reports.   * Rising Damp Report for Banks, & Building Societies.
* Speedy Calcium carbide Testing Walls / Floors.           * Condensation Black mould survey & Control.
* Chemical Free Damp & Timber Treatment Solutions. * Damp-Proofing Survey & Timber Decay Surveys.
* Dry Rot Surveyors & Wood worm beetle surveyors      * Experts in Rising Damp & Home Improvements
* Specialist Dry Rot Survey Reports for Mortgage           * Damp-proofing Survey & Timber Decay Reports.
* Damp and timber Report for Building societies.           * Damp-proofing Survey & Woodworm Reports Surveys
* PCA Damp-Course Survey Equity Release Companies.* Damp Specialists & Damp-proof Injection experts
* Woodworm beetle insect, Dry Rot Survey Experts   * Home Inspected for Rising Damp & Mould Dampness
* PCA Damp-proofing Approved Specialists/Experts.  * Structural Surveys Timber Fungal Wood Decay Survey
* Dry Rot Survey, Wood Beam, Damp-Proof Specialist   * House inspection/survey for woodworm, rising damp.
* Specialist Timber Treatment & Dry Rot Company.        * Damp-Proof Injection for Building Companies
* Damp-Proofing Survey &Timber Treatment Company.  * New Home damp and timber Survey for Mortgages
* Specialist Damp-Proof Course Injection Installers         * Damp-proofing specialists, rising damp, dry rot
* Timber repairs / Woodworm Infestation Surveys           * Damp-Proofing Contractors/ Specialist Surveyors
* Roof / Loft Timbers Woodworm Survey & Report          * Structural timber repair survey

So if you think that you have any problems with dampness, woodworm or timber decay and need free impartial advice then please call Damp Aid North Wales on 01492 535305.  If you want to enquire about a survey telephone (Wales) 01492 535305, (Chester) 01244 490341, (Wirral) 0151 959 0086 or email us at: info@dampaidnorthwales.co.uk where you are guaranteed a fast, friendly & personal service.

Guaranteeing you the cheapest Damp-proofing and timber treatment prices in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral.  If you have had a cheaper quotation from a bonafide company, then let us know and we will endeavour to either match the cost or beat it.  You’ve got nothing to lose, so why not give us a call on your local branch number.