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Survey Options

Survey Options

Survey Option 1-Survey & Quotation Only

This survey option is for homeowners, builders, landlords, management / letting agents, building contractors & property developers etc who have identified a particular problem with dampness, woodworm or timber decay. This is a quotation only survey – a full report is not issued.
This survey option is NOT available for buyers, sellers or for re-mortgage / equity release purposes.

One of our CSRT qualified remedial damp and timber surveyors will asses the damp issue or timber infestation/timber decay providing the correct diagnosis to the cause.  You will be given appropriate recommendations to rectify the timber and/or damp problem along with a quotation should one be found necessary.  On completion of any damp-proofing or timber treatment work we can provide a long term guarantee which is backed by the GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance).

We do not undertake surveys to “find” work.  In a lot of cases, by carrying out simple measures such as lowering the high external ground levels, replacing broken rainwater goods or installing air vents to a property (all of which could be undertaken by the client) the dampness has been resolved.  In many cases the timber decay, which was thought to be dry rot by the client, has been diagnoses as wet rot, resulting in the client saving many hundreds of pounds by avoiding unnecessary costly chemical timber & damp course treatments.

Survey Option 2-Specialist Timber & Damp Survey & Report
for Pre-purchase, Re-mortgage / Equity Release To Satisfy Mortgage Lenders & For Vendors who are selling their property

This survey option is for clients who are buying, selling, part exchanging, or re-mortgaging a property in the North Wales & Chester regions.  The Bank or Building Society’s surveyor will undertake a home buyers survey, which often highlights a dampness or timber defect problem and recommends, as a condition of the mortgage offer,  a specialist damp and timber survey to be carried out before exchange of contracts by a PCA (Property Care Association) or BWPDA approved member – both of which Damp Aid North Wales are members.  They regularly request in the report that sub-floor timbers in contact with damp masonry be inspected for signs of timber decay, however if fitted floor coverings are present we are, more often than not, unable to inspect these timbers.

Our specialist mortgage damp and timber surveys (carried out by qualified CSRT damp-proofing & timber treatment surveyors) will provide you with a full written report which will contain the correct diagnosis of any issues regarding timber decay or damp ingress along with appropriate recommendations and specifications for the correct remedial measures to rectify the problem.

If any damp-proofing or timber treatment work be found necessary, a quotation can also be included, if required.  Should the client instruct Damp Aid to carry out the work in the quotation, the survey fee is deducted from the price.  On completion of any specialist damp-proofing or timber treatment work a long term insured guarantee will be issued, backed by the Guarantee Protection Insurance, which are the only real ‘insured’ guarantees available and are accepted by Banks, Building Societies, and Equity release mortgage companies such as Aviva, Santander, Barclays, Halifax,  & The principality.

Survey Option 3-Damp and/or Timber – Comparison Quotation/Online Quotation.

Particularly beneficial for First Time Buyers and others on a tight budget looking for a more competitive quote.

If you have already had a quotation for damp proofing, woodworm treatment or dry rot control and you feel the price is too high, don’t worry, we can normally beat any bona fide written quotation by up to 20%.

If you would like to take advantage of this survey option, simply email your quotation to us at info@dampaidnorthwales and one of our specialist damp and timber surveyors will telephone you to discuss the work/price. Alternatively you can telephone our senior surveyor direct on 07860 222 743, to discuss your quote.

In many cases, re-plastering is not always necessary, or the client may have their own builder who can carry this work out, along with any other remedial building work i.e. external ground lowering or improving the sub-floor ventilation.  In these circumstances our quotation can save you thousands of pounds and still supply long-term insured and meaningful damp and timber guarantees to satisfy your Bank and Building Society.

Trouble Shooter 2 Survey
(No paper work issued)

This option has proved to be invaluable to many of our clients and has saved them thousands of pounds.
Our fully qualified C.S.R.T. specialist damp surveyors (who are NOT salesmen) will go through the survey with you, correctly diagnose, advise and guide you through the problem and explain the course of action to correctly remedy the damp or timber decay issue.

You may not be buying or selling a property and therefore do not require a full mortgage specialist damp or timber survey and report. We can therefore still carry out a comprehensive inspection to give you peace of mind and help with alleviating any dampness, condensation, dry rot, timber decay or woodworm issues. We keep the Trouble Shooter Survey verbal, with no written paperwork, therefore keeping a timber and rising damp survey cost to a minimum.

Our Trouble Shooter 2 survey special is most beneficial for:

• Clients who have identified one small isolated area of dampness they are unsure about and need to obtain independent advice from a damp-proof surveyor.
• Clients who have had conflicting reports from different specialist damp-proofing and timber treatment companies.
• Clients who maybe think they are just being SOLD A PRODUCT which they do not need and not addressing the root cause of the problem.
• For those who simply don’t know what to believe or who to turn to and require independent advice from one of our specialist damp proofing and timber decay surveyors.
• For those clients who have had a problem “treated” two or three times only to find it has returned, as the problem was misdiagnosed in the first instance.

If you think this Trouble Shooter 2 survey is what you require, or you would like impartial advice about any dampness or timber decay issues, then contact our senior specialist damp-proofing and timber treatment surveyor direct on 07860 222 743 to discuss your requirements.

If you need independent advice about which timber or damp specialist survey to have then please call (Wales) 01492 535305, (Chester) 01244 490341, (Wirral) 0151 959 0086 to discuss which best suits your requirements.
Alternatively fill in our enquiry form and mention either option 1, 2 or 3.